Status of Stimulus Check 2020 IRS : Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ? -Eng President Trumps right, if your NOT feeling sick then why get tested ? He’s exactly right if you have symptoms go get tested there is enough tests. Everyday testing for every Person is Ridiculous. Why are the reporter always on attack ?so disrespectful !

Debbie Levine Pls help us in Illinois!! Our dictator keeps pushing the goal posts and recovery, now it's maybe June for phase 3... He wants his bailout at all costs. Who holds these people accountable ( obviously not us or our reps), our state legislature hasn't met since March..

Sharon Jacobs We are not South Korea. But are a lot larger population than South Korea. How he can stand up there and say such (I am going to be polite) unreasonable statements. It is so scary that he just doesn’t get it.

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Dj Amanda Blaze Death - Dead : Dj Amanda Blaze Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Rapper Nick Blixky Death - Dead : Nick Blixky Obituary : Shot and Killed in Brooklyn 

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Vitamin D3 coronavirus: Plenty of vitamin D Might Help Fight Covid-19

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Carmen Thornton-McPherson Lyon People can’t get tested unless they meet “certain” criteria. Kind of aggravating when many likely have developed antibodies because they were sick and didn’t know it.

Thomas Kloetzli The President just did the right thing by ending the press conference. I have never seen so much disrespectful, negatively slanted and openly hostile questioning by the clearly biased media. Shameful and rude behavior. Good job Mr President, keep up the good work!

Kathy Woodall Reporters have been asking the same questions since this all started.You would think by now,they would have comprehended the answers by now.They ask the same over and over again.They seem to not be able to ask intelligent and professional questions.

Brad Ferguson I’ll believe it when I see it. Blood Plasma Coronavirus : Plasma Donations from People who have Recovered Covid-19 said the US has done more testing than every country combined (that was a lie).

Barb Huntley Silver I agree that not everyone needs a test! I for one, do not need a test unless its the antibody one. If I dont have the antibody, then I will wait till contact tracing or exposure, or become symptomatic. Otherwise Im wating a test that someone else needs.

Bill O'Donnell That press conference was a nightmare. I think he is either not handling the stress well or avoiding it completely.
Joe Kisonas I watched how these so called reporters put so much effort into nitpicking the words of the President I wish they would put half the effort in looking into the russia hoax.

Nidya Staudenmaier Vega It is insane that the press insists on driving the scare tactics narrative. We can deal with the virus and take personal responsibility. What Ahmaud Arbery Update : Unarmed Jogger Shot and Killed in Krunswick GA can not deal with is losing small businesses. We can shop at big retailers and be responsible but we cant shop at small businesses. If it wasnt an election year, everyone would be back to work. They are afraid of Trump's Economy and Democrats want to win at all cost. Even at the expense of the American people

Barbara Questel-Gardner Thank you Mr President for turning your back and walking off when the reporters start getting nasty. Also the keep asking the same questions to catch you in a lie.

Anna Salazar Hofer I love the way President Trump wrapped up his conference just now. Show him disrespect, stop the questions; mike drop! Boom! Good for him!

Sarah Lanphier-Foster I would love to see reporters in there that actually cared about reporting real news. Asking the same stupid questions over and over (with obvious answers) is such a waste.

Kay Arnold The rudeness of these immature so-called reporters is disgusting. I loved how he handled them at the end. They just keep nipping and nipping asking the same stupid questions over and over trying to trap him into the answer they want. What a horrible waste of time and energy.